Leakage system

Measurement system:

In the industry in the industry, measurement systems are fully supplied with measurement control systems to provide requested project specifications, local rules, national standard governments. Measurement control systems include computational computers, supervisor computers, in The requirements for PBC and the assistive control equipment are all in a custom design control panel.

Typical pipeline flux measurements include large size lines with high product transport volumes and more importantly. Pipeline measurement systems are designed and presented with the least error design.

Includes measurement of pipeline flux. From traditional crude oil, ODS for years of systems

LNG, LPG, CNG refined products or natural gas stations to high demand

And the customer use, we can often create and develop customizable measurements.

According to usern, we can measure our pipeline measurement systems on all types of PD, Orifice, Coriolis protected measurement indicators such as turbine, ultrasound,

And other types of automobile engineering.

In order to obtain the lowest error of measurement, pipeline measurement stations are often supplied with supplies (Transfer Proving Prover (Proof) or advanced measurement status )

have became. Measuring systems perform the development and production of two-way horizons and can propose complex situations with compact piston prores and advanced installation installation. Aside the quantity of pipeline measurement, most of the quality measurements are also used for carrying materials It is requested. For measuring the quality (automatic) sampling system and analyzes to accurately identify the quality of oil or gas. These systems can include fluid analyzers to complex analyzer, water in gas monitors , H2S dew point analyzers, chromatographs of hydrocarbons, etc.. Flux measurement systems for coastal areas and away from the beach and refineries are presented in FPSO’s type and bed

Measurement systems for crude oil products and hydrocarbons such as:

Petroleum petroleum, oil, fuel oil, white oil and heavy gasoline, LPG

Natural gas is designed.

As part of the package, we can provide flux measurement systems including:

Measuring systems

Complex assessment:

– Fluometers (We are super-sound, Coriolis Jeremy, etc.)

– valves and pipes

– Accurate tool (temperature, pressure etc.)

Measuring houses:

سیستم های نمونه برداری –

– Analytical systems

– Concentration, adhesion

– Gas composition

Computer systems for flux and supervision computers

– Computer computing computers

– Control panels

– Interface and criteria

Validation systems

Systems proof of measurement

Measuring the transfer of liquid protected liquid for a wide range of trends The possibility of extensive export of crude oil, design and small FSOS and lact from units

Have been engineered.

We design our customers for our customers and provide our experience and recommendation for features of case and custom systems for any type of user.

The relief of the industry is a complete system of most comprehensive and comprehensive measurement situations in the oil and gas industry. Our products and systems have been engineered in order to request reverse monitoring measurements and most of the major companies.

Industry as well as having dedicated management and accountability through a single source to any quality measurement system by the best equipment and all market technologies.