The company was established in 2007 with the participation of several reputable and well-known groups with high skills and experience. Farasan Company covers the latest technology, equipment and services. The company’s capabilities allow us to offer the best quality, price and delivery time. We are able to provide advice to customers to choose the most suitable conditions with the best performance and lowest costs, and this is based on the long experience of key personnel in Farasan Engineering Department. We constantly employ engineers with new knowledge. Farasan attaches importance to training and this is an important advantage of this company over other companies. Also, training of approved engineers is done continuously in the UAE. Farasan’s power includes quick response to the customer about any technical problems or in terms of equipment supply, experienced members and its up-to-dateness.

With a full warranty and safe conditions, Farasan Sanat is enriched by knowing the key points through the use of most advanced technologies.